Our experts here at Intellium Technology are can advise through Technology Roadmaps and Virtual CTO.

Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmaps sort out today’s technology problems and provide a 3-year roadmap, so you are not chasing your tail every month making short-term fix-it computer network decisions. We can also help you save money and increase productivity, manage projects, and manage vendor negotiations. In today’s toughening climate, reviewing technology and forward planning is critical. 


Virtual CTO

Many businesses can’t justify employing a full-time experienced business technology expert but would benefit from the knowledge this resource would bring to the business. 
Imagine having access to someone who could come in on a project, part-time or contract basis and independently provide top-level advice on how best to use technology in your business. 
Virtual CTO helps business owners, managing directors, and even experienced IT managers who want impartial advice or perhaps a second opinion.


Other IT Support Services