We specialise in network, infrastructure and device security, using adaptive technologies across your office and remote locations.

Managed Anti-Virus & Security

In 2013 Cyber-crime was estimated to have cost the global economy over US$3 Trillion dollars! Intellium fully manage your anti-virus protection ensuring all your devices are covered and up-to-date with the latest security patches.  


Email Filtering

Our Email Security service provides highly effective inbound and outbound email security for organisations of all sizes. You can be assured that your organisation's emails are protected at all times as our email security service is always on and up-to-date.  


Disaster Recover & Server Replication

Security of your company’s data and the ability to access your critical systems are a foundational component of a business’s Disaster Recovery Plan. Our wide experience of ICT systems will ensure we help plan the most appropriate solution for your business.
One of the services we offer is Server Replication (onsite & cloud based). Local backups work well for issues such as malware and failing hardware. However, for large scale disasters such as fire, flooding or where services can’t wait for lengthy restoration times, Server Replication gives you faster recovery and more flexibility for accessing your critical systems and data.


Other Cyber Threat Protection Services